Statistics show that every 3 seconds there is someone attempting to take their life. All around the world, over 1 million deaths per year are the result of suicide with no racial, economical, or religious boundaries.. What is even worse is the negative effects coming with the tragedies on other family members.

Statisticians estimate that every suicide attempt can leave 6 to 8 survivors, while the death rates are still higher than the total death number of homicide and automobile accidents combined each year. A suicide case typically produces more severe, more intense, and prolonged grief than any other loss. Those left behind have to face multiple conflicting, confusing, and chaotic emotions, not knowing how to do suicide cleanup.

Why Choose Us?

After the conduction of the investigation, there are often cleaning needs that must be addressed. Suicide cleanup involves dealing with biohazards that need to be handled properly. You can’t just throw contaminated materials in the trash. The scene can be gruesome, and cleaning up after suicide will take some time, effort, and expertise when excessive blood is involved.

Our compassion and understanding of the needs of these families and desire for the clean-up needs make Crime Scene Cleaners of Fort Worth the right choice.

We will prevent families from having to endure the pain and emotional turmoil of performing the suicide clean-up themselves. The emotional stress of having to perform these services will only compound your pain and suffering. Mostly, homeowners, renters & business insurance will pay benefits to have blood and suicide scenes cleaned and disinfected. We are very respectful to the needs and feelings of the surviving family members and demonstrate great compassion during this most difficult time.

Our experts are certified, highly trained, and equipped with correct protective gear to provide professional help in suicide scene clean-up, unattended death clean-up, and other cleaning needs involving blood or other hazardous materials. Whenever you need us, call 817-223-0016. We will take care of everything for you, safely clean up the scene and get your space back to normal. 

How Does Suicide Scene Clean-Up Work

Assist Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas Communities in Suicide cleanup Services with compassions.

Throughout the whole process, we are committed to following five golden standards: compassion, honesty, integrity, respect & kindness.

Site evaluation for the preservation of personal property

Insurance Company Liaison– We work with you to assist in filing and handling the insurance claim and dealing with the agent. We understand the stress & grief families undergo when dealing with an untimely passing. We are available and willing to speak to an insurance company representative to prevent you from having to relive or answer distressing questions.

Family Liaison– We work to help families and friends at the location gather personal effects to help you get through traumatic times. Mostly, families must leave to allow us to collect left items, medications, and do the suicide cleanup.

Inventory– We inventory all items lost and damaged. Many times, insurance covers personal property in the claim, so we help by inventorying to provide detailed information to assist with the claim process.

Timely Services– Time is of the essence. We work hard to handle your cleaning and disinfection needs day and night to help you not to traumatize yourself further.

Quality Work– There is a lot for you to deal with when a loved one commits suicide. Allow the cleanup to be taken care of by a professional to avoid further grief!

Services optimally adapted to your needs.

Our Partners in Grief Councilling and Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Denton County Loss Team

2509 Scripture Road
Denton, TX 76201


No Charge for services

Tarrant County Loss Team

3136 West 4th Street

Fort Worth, TX 76107

Phone: 817-335-5405 

Fax: 817-810-3230 

No Charge for services


3136 W. 4th St. Fort Worth, 76107
Tel: 817-335-5405
Contact: Sharon Walker, LCSW
No charge

Bereaved by Suicide

Online Support Group
Contact: Louise Wirick
Online Support Groups:
General, Parents, Men, and Youth (14 yrs+)
Other Linked Resources
Bereaved by Suicide

Trauma Support Services of North Texas
1000 Bonnie Brae, Fort Worth 76111
Tel: 817-378-7158
Individual  & Family Therapy if needed
Peer & Professional Facilitators
No Charge

Trinity Presbyterian Church

5500 Morris Road    Flower Mound
Tel: 972-595-8124
Contact: Laneila Ramette
No Charge
Bereaved by Suicide – 18 years and older

Vista Ridge United Methodist Church

2901 Denton Tap Road Lewisville
Tel: 972-595-8124
Contact: Martha Giles
Peer Facilitator
No Charge

Offering a wide variety of services, our team delivers quality and compassionate support when dealing with Crime and Trauma Scenes all over Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and the surrounding Metroplex communities.

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